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aunde is a Pacific Northwest artist with Irish roots. Her work is influenced by the ever-changing realms of land, sea, and sky in both her current home, traditional land of the Coast Salish peoples and her ancestral home in Ireland.

aunde’s work draws from relationships between places, people, and non-human beings, sharing moments of interconnectedness with the Otherworld.

Limina received the 2021 Allied Arts MFA Scholarship and was presented at the American Conference for Irish Studies Western Conference.

Her work has been exhibited nationally, including selections in Creative Women Leading Climate Action at UMass Amherst and Earth Action Initiative at UC Berkeley. She is currently creating new photographic work from Ireland and developing a short animation inspired by Irish myth, folklore, geology, and archaeology.

aunde holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with a Decolonial Arts concentration. She is interested in exploring collaborative opportunities to create with artists, scholars, and activists whose interests intersect with her own.